Motorbike hits the Playstation Network today

by: Nathan -
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Motorbike, the dirt bike trials game, hits the Playstation Network today and judging by the trailer, it looks like you will be in for some ridiculous racing. 

The difference in this trials based racing game is that you can play on and create some pretty insane tracks complete with half loops, poison gas, bombs, crazy jumps and much more. The tracks almost look like roller coasters or the obstacle courses from Ninja Warrior. 

The game will come with 80 original tracks, 40 PS3 exclusive tracks, thousands of online tracks to play with and the potential for thousands more to be added in the future. The game features an easy to use track editor so players can create their own sadistic tracks that they can share with friends. To keep things fair and to make sure a lot of junk isn't placed online, all tracks will undergo internal revisions before they are published to make sure they are fun, challenging and most important, finish-able. 

Motorbike is currently available on PS3 for $14.99

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