MotorStorm RC launching for free on Vita

by: Jeremy -
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Normally, when you hear of a game being released for free, with no strings attached, one immediately assumes that it is going to be something that is less than stellar. That isn’t the case today as Sony has teamed up with Scion in order to bring the PlayStation Vita version of MotorStorm RC out for FREE. You read that correctly: FREE. No tricks, no fine print, just a free version of what early reviews are calling a great game.

The game is being offered on the Vita for no charge for a limited time. The big brother version, for the PlayStation 3, will set you back $9.99. The game takes the world of MotorStorm and shrinks it down to a miniscule level; instead of real world vehicles you will be taking control of a variety of remote control cars and racing on tracks based on the various entries in the MotorStorm series.

What are you waiting for, it’s free! 

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