MotorStorm RC Expansion already here

by: Jeremy -
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Sony and Evolution Studios just released MotorStorm RC on the PlayStation 3 and Vita last week and the first expansion pack for the game is already here. The RC Pro-Am Pack is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $2.99 ($1.49 for PS-Plus members).

The new pack contains 16 new Pro-Am events and introduces Super Car races to the game. You will have 48 new medals to collect and 8 new model vehicles to earn. After spending a few hours with the pack last night, I can say that the track designs offered in the pack are a lot of fun as many of them are set inside of a skate-park. It ends up being more of the same fast and furious action that is present in the main game and definitely worth checking out.

You can expect our full review of the main game very soon but until then, check out the trailer for the new expansion:


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