MotorStorm Apocalypse: Welcome to the After Party

by: Jeremy -
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Sony and Evolution Studios have announced the release of a massive, free update for MotorStorm Apocalypse entitled the After Party. The update, which is available now, brings a variety of changes and additions to the already superb racer.

The first addition is that of a new track entitled the Rock. This course is set on a nearby island which is home to a rundown prison; sound familiar? There are multiple routes and plenty of surprises in store for racers come day and night. The DLC also includes the first in what will be a series of free “Special Event” packs; each of which allows you to play as a specific character from the game’s storyline across a series of races. The first pack, entitled Stone: Jack of Clubs is available as a part of the After Party pack.

Players are also being introduced to new weekly challenges which will dish out up to 30,000 chips for your profile each and every week. In order to claim your prize(s), you will need to meet or exceed some target times on three specific tracks. The details for each cweek’s challenges will be announced each Wednesday. Evolution has also made some slight adjustments to the balancing and tweaking of many of the game’s vehicles which die hard fans should notice the next time they fire up the game. Lastly, Evolution is also including some tweaks and fixes to the game’s netcode and servers in order to make the online racing experience even better.

I am going to be firing up the game as soon as I get home tonight to check out all of the new content... maybe I will see you online...

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