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Milestone's freshly-released MotoGP 13 is now available on most consoles and PC, but the developers still have some trailers to show off the game's features and engine. This one displays the various weather effects you'll encounter in the game. Accurate weather can mean a lot to a racing game, not only affecting the graphics but also how your bike handles on the track, changing how you play. The rain effects here are pretty cool but I would've liked some dusty dirt effects too, but then again this isn't BMX, so you're mostly racing on a clean track.
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8TH July 2013, Milan – Milestone, one of the most recognized racing videogame developers and publishers for consoles and Windows® PC, releases the new trailer for MotoGP™13, the  official MotoGP™ World Championship 2013 game. The trailer offers an amazing overview about the 5 different weather conditions included into the game: Clear, Cloudy, Light Rain (dynamic weather mode), Rain and Wet Track.
About MotoGP™13:
MotoGP™13 is the official videogame of one of the most famous brands in sports including all the tracks and riders of the 2013 MotoGP™ season (Moto2™ and Moto3™). Loyal to MotoGP´s™ spirit in all aspects of the game, from photorealistic graphics to TV style interface, including menus and sounds. These are the main features of Milestone’s new Masterpiece. Thanks to a realistic handling, players can really feel the bike in their hands and can choose to ride with scalable aids or in pure simulative way for real fans! A new immersive career mode, with first person elements like 3D pits and helmet views, grants a full immersion in the rider's shoes!
The MotoGP™13’s Game Modes include: Grand Prix where the player can select one of the official riders and teams, the track, the category and bike; World Championship – In this game mode the player has to prove his rider abilities riding through the entire MotoGP 2013 World Championship in Moto3™, Moto2or MotoGPcategories. Instant Racedrives the player directly into the action; Career – The brand new career mode has been created to drive, race after race, the player from his debut to his MotoGP World Champion title; Split screen – local multiplayer for living the MotoGP™ experience with friends; Online Multiplayer – The player can experience and race against his friends through Grand Prix game mode or the entire 2013 Championship. 
Developed by Milestone studio, MotoGP™13 is available for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft (59,90€) Windows PC® (39,90€), PlayStation®3 (59,90€ ) and PlayStation®Vita (49,90€). It’s also available on demand in USA, UK and Belgium for PC, Mac, Android devices, OnLive Game System for HDTV, Vizio Co-Star, and LG G3 Series Smart TVs using the OnLive cloud gaming service, with unique features like global spectating to watch players around the world playing the game, Brag Clips to share videos of the action with friends, and a free playable demo at
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