Motherboard brings to us the new generation of competitive Donkey Kong in The New Kings of Kong

by: Nathan -
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Billy Mitchel and Steve Wiebe's epic battle to be the best Donkey Kong player in the world was documented in the amazing 2010 documentary "The King of Kong", but today, a new generation of gamers are vying for the coveted title.  

Motherboard traveled to Denver Colorado to attend "The Kong Off 3", a highly anticipated Donkey Kong world champion ship where plastic surgeon Dr. Hank Chien and body builder Vincent Lemay fight for the top spot. Since The King of Kong documentary, Donkey Kong competitions have grown in popularity and Motherboard was there to document the four days of flashing lights, bleeps, bloops, and killscreens in "The New Kings of Kong."

Check out the Chien-Lemay battle royale below! 

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