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Mortal Kombat achievements hint at plenty of secrets

by: Jeremy -
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If there is one thing that I would have to pinpoint as making the old Mortal Kombat arcade games as popular as they were, I would have to say that it was the amount of hidden secrets in the game. The game MADE you come back again and again just to try and find every hidden move, -ality, and character packed into the games. Unfortunately, that tradition sort of died out with the shift to console exclusive releases. The recently released list of achievements for the Xbox 360 version of the game seem to indicate that the new game will include quite a bit of hidden content.

There are a couple of references in the revealed achievements that reference “hidden” or secret items in the game, including:
  • human Sektor: Rrobot Sektor is referenced specifically, why specifiy the robotic version if there isn’t a human version?
  • Other -alities: One achievement references performing 1 type of each “-ality” in the game, which hints that there is more than just Fatalities in the game.
  • Hidden Kombatants: There are four separate achievements listed regarding facing hidden kombatants in the Arcade Ladder mode. Who are they and can you play as them?
  • Unlockable characters: There are two achievements that are awarded for unlocking two specific characters in the game, but is that all there is in the game? (I won’t spoil them here, but you can find them in the official list.)
The achievement list also mentions that the Krypt will be returning which means that there is plenty of little things to unlock including artwork, alternate attire, and who knows what else. This is the thing that I love about the MK games and the aspect that kept me coming back for more in the early days of the series. Now, if we can only convince Ed Boon and his staff to keep the specific details of how to access them and performs all of the finishing moves secret and let players figure them out for their selves... but we all know that will never happen.