Morse Road GameCrazy closing its doors

by: Sean Colleli -
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This is more of a local story, but I know central Ohio gamers will be saddened to hear that the GameCrazy on Morse Rd. is closing. I'd heard that around 200 locations would be closing but you never really think about it until it hits home.

This particular GameCrazy was only a few minutes from where I lived and I always preferred it to other retail outlets. I bought my 360 there back in 07, and the staff was always friendly and would take the time to talk to me about the games I was playing. I could usually find some good deals or rare used games, and the staff was always fair and never foisted an preorder on me.

There are still a few GameCrazy outlets around Columbus and the staff is at least getting transferred so maybe I'll see some of those guys again, it just sucks that the one so close by is shutting down, especially with the fond memories I have there. If you're looking for a deal on some used games, stop by the Morse GameCrazy within the next few weeks, they still have a large inventory of used stuff and some hardware, and they'll give you courteous service as well.
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