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More "videogames are bad" stupidity

by: Nathaniel -
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Strange that it's not even the stupidest videogame news of the day.  

Two US lawmakers, who obviously take their job titles to mean they should just make **** up when they get bored and/or their names haven't been in the news lately (or more likely, ever), have decided that all videogames the ESRB rates above EC (games for ages 3-6) should carry a warning that states "exposure to violent videogames has been linked to aggressive behavior."  I won't name them because that would be like showing a slow motion replay of the streaker that just delayed the baseball game your watching by running onto the field - it would only encourage similar behavior in other people.  If you just have to know, check out this article at gamesradar.com.

This warning is based on a series of studies that claim a link between videogames and violence and surely none that don't. Completely expectedly, the press release they used to announced their bold and groundbreaking legislation did not provide links to the articles that back up their assertion.  I, however, don't need anymore evidence to back up my assertion that old men still don't understand or give a **** about videogames, and still think they're an easy way to show voters that they "care about the children."

For more information you can check out gamesradar.com.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and vomit.