More signs PS3 price cut not coming soon

by: Dan -
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Sony announced this morning that it will be cutting 4% of its worldwide workforce (approx 8,000 jobs) from its electronics division by March 2010. The savings are expected to be $1.1 billion, and will help offset the earnings for 2008 that Sony recently downgraded. These signs point to the PS3 not getting a price cut anytime soon, as Sony currently loses money on every console it sells. One other thing caught my eye in the story:

"...will continue moving electronics production to lower-cost countries."

While I am speculating on this, it could become a concern as cheaper labor can lead to less oversight and ultimately, an inferior manufacturing process and product. In other words, if you are thinking of getting a PS3 or PSP, do it now before they move production and the quality slips....
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