More proof that goalies aren't fat and unathletic

by: Nathaniel -
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A few weeks ago, I told you about an article I read in Sports Illustrated many years ago that stated goalies in hockey needed to be eliminated so that the star's hard work wasn't upset by the fattest and least athletic guy on the other team.  I disagreed with that assertion then, and I disagree with that assertion now.  

The work the goalies do in NHL 13 only further dismantles the idea that they have no place in professional sports.  James Banting, Software Engineer for NHL 13 takes us through the following trailer and shows us just what these so-called fat and unathletic players are capable of on a digital level.  And if my experience playing sports games is anything resembling yours, then I think we can both agree that the programmed skill of digital players doesn't come close to matching the skill of their real-life counterparts.

NHL 13 comes out on September 11.

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