More naughty and violent videos from Naughty Bear

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505 Games have been releasing gameplay videos showing off the versatile ways you can terrorize the other stuffed bears in Naughty Bear. They’re certainly creative, and today’s feature video shows a very naughty bear tossing his fellow teddy bear into a cake mixer for a very sweet death.

Also released today is another parody video, this time of the Blair Witch Project. 505 Games could parody anything with a bunch of mute and scarred teddy bears and I would laugh but, all hilarity bias aside, they’ve done a good spin on the original film.

Check out both videos below, and expect the game to be released sometime this summer.

505 Games today released a new gameplay video for the upcoming comic mischief game, Naughty Bear, currently being developed by Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M). The latest video in a series of excerpts from the Book of Naughty shows one of the many ways in which Naughty Bear can dispatch one of the other stuffed inhabitants of the Island of Perfection.

Naughty Bear will bring terror to store shelves on Xbox 360™and PlayStation®3 this summer.
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