More details show up in Q&A from Undead Labs

by: Chad -
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It's been over a year since I posted the news about the formation of Undead Labs.  The company is working on an MMOZ (massively multiplayer online zombie game) that is still in the early stages of development.  Last week, Undead Labs posted a Q&A on their site that talks a lot about their plans for the game.  A few of the highlights include:
  • It will be an open persistant world.
  • There will be vehicle combat, so you'll be able to plow through zombie hordes.
  • It sounds like player skill (instead of background number crunching) will be key to survival.  This is similar to TERA's approach to action combat.
There is quite a bit more about their plans and aspirations for the game.  Click here to read the full Q&A.  I've grabbed a few pieces of concept art from their site as well.  Enjoy!

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