More details on Batman: Arkham Origins DLC

by: Sean Colleli -
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Last week we learned that Batman Arkham Origins will come with a $20 season pass, which will unlock access to a whole slew of DLC. Today, courtesy of an interview from Eurogamer, we have a better idea of what that DLC will look like. The first part is called Initiation, and serves as a sizable prologue for the game. In Initiation, you'll play as Bruce Wayne in Asia as he trains to be a ninja under his original teacher Kirigi. This DLC offers a whole new environment and custom content created just for the DLC. I really like the idea of exploring this chapter of Batman's development and the sizable content in this DLC makes it sound worth the season pass price for once.

Producer Guillaume Voghel also revealed more info on the "I am the Night" difficulty mode. To unlock this super-expert difficulty you have to beat the main game 100%, then beat new game plus mode. I am the Night mode challenges you to beat the game with no saves and on one life--if you die you have to start over from the beginning. This sounds a little like hardcore mode from Dead Space 2, but I have to wonder--in a massive, 40-hour-long sandbox game like Arkham Origins, how could you possibly play it from start to finish without saving?
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