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Yeah, I am, admittedly, a Capcom fanboy... there is no denying that. My personal feelings aside, people have to admit that Capcom creates and releases some of the coolest swag for their games. Here are a couple of recent examples of some recent things Capcom, namely Capcom of Japan, has come up with (all pictured below):

Mega Man e-Tank cushions / pillows: What better way to power up your day than taking in a couple of e-Tanks like the Blue Bomber? Capcom of Japan’s e-store is offering these replica energy tanks in cushion / pillow form, just like the tanks used in the game(s) to refill Mega Man’s energy.

Mega man Pixel Pillows: Once you get your e-Tanks, you might as well get the face that helped build Capcom: Mega Man himself. These pixelated throw pillows prominently show off the face of Mega Man in all of his 8-bit, pixelated glory.

Resident Evil Virus Vials: These items are actually from the Hollywood Collectible Group, though they are licensed by Capcom. These replica T-Virus and anti-virus vials have been created in order to celebrate the new Resident Evil film. These won’t come cheap either, as they are selling for $199.99 a set and only 750 are being produced.

One of these days, when I am extremely rich... my personal office will be decorated with things like these... I swear... 

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