More codes than I know what to do with (Dead Space 3)

by: Jeremy -
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As I mentioned earlier, we're giving away a bunch of DLC packs for EA's Dead Space 3. Regardless of your platofrm of choice, we have some gifts for you. We're giving away codes on both our Twitter and Facebook pages, but I figured I would show some love right here on the front page too.

First come first serve, random codes below:
  • Marauder Suit Pack (PSN) AEBC-MGNR-P5DR
  • Marauder Suit Pack (XBL) 4FCT3-4YKQ6-RWDPD-JGVWK-JMM3Z
  • Bot Capacity (Origin) 6WR9-7LH9-RRKF-SUDL-H7DY
  • Bot Capacity  (PSN) N7Q7-JJNQ-54N4
  • Bot Personality (PSN) MPDC-NDNT-4DA2
  • Bot Personality (XBL) W2CV9-2RWYP-DYPPK-PP6HQ-PM6CZ
  • Sharpshooter Suit pack (Origin) 5GG8-6HHP-RZXV-TFTR-AC5F
  • Sharpshooter Suit pack (XBL) DVGPF-FR7VY-CJ4PY-FJMD3-RC27Z
  • Tundra Suit pack (Origin) HU99-6W2F-44TP-LKPL-BBY2
  • Tundra Suit pack (XBL) TCP3H-M66YJ-43G7R-PQK7F-HFFWZ
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