More Marvel Pinball on the way (for the Vita too!)

by: Jeremy -
More On: Marvel Pinball: The Avengers Chronicles Pinball FX 2
The Zen Studios train isn’t slowing down one bit! The developer has just announced a new Marvel Pinball expansion known as the Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles. The new pack will include 4 new tables: World War Hulk, The Avengers, The Infinity Gauntlet, and Fear Itself. You can check out footage of all 4 tables in action in the announcement trailer shown below.

The announcement of this new pack also includes confirmation of something I have personally waiting to hear: Pinball FX2 is headed to the PlayStation Vita! The end of the trailer includes confirmation that the latest Marvel pack is in fact headed for Sony’s new handheld as well as the standard PSN and XBLA offerings. This is definitely a day 1 purchase for me on the Vita!
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