More Confirmation: NHL 2011 to include all Canadian Major Junior leagues

by: Ben Berry -
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Last week I posted a story about a rumour (this is a Canadian related post, so I'm using canadian spelling) that all of the Canadian Major Junior Leagues and Organ-i-zations (Canadian Phoenetic spelling) have been contacted to provide pictures of their jerseys and rinks/arenas for inclusion in NHL 2011.

Last night, I got word of an article published on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website regarding more confirmation of the Major Junior rumor. This time it was regarding the Quebec Major Junior hockey league. It may be confusing to some, but the Canadian Hockey League is actually comprised of the 3 Major Junior leagues (Quebec, Ontario, and Western) . All are considered to be on the same level developmentally, with each having a general historical preference towards the type of players developed therein. I won't go into the details of that here, but seeing all of the leagues as likely to be included is a HUGE deal for the game and for fans of hockey. Especially if there is a game play difference between the 3 leagues as there is in real life (Quebec is high scoring, Ontario more rugged, etc.) I can't even imagine how much time I'm going to sink into NHL 2011, especially as the 2K Sports franchise will be taking the year off from everything except the Wii.

Here's the link to the CBC story, and as we get more on this you can be sure it'll be passed along.

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