Monte Vista featured in latest Sims 3 live broadcast

by: Travis -
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The upcoming world add-on for The Sims 3, Monte Vista, was the focus of the latest broadcast that treated fans to over an hour of walkthrough footage. Monte Vista is a beautiful world with stunning landscapes and buildings that draws inspirations from the roaming hills of Tuscany and Italian architecture. I've listed the broadcast details below for your viewing pleasure.
  • Monte Vista features numerous spots to fish and swim
  • New rabbit holes (structures which Sims disappear into while activated) range from a coliseum to a combined military and police base
  • The walled city at the center of Monte Vista features an assortment of rabbit holes, houses, and a castle that functions as the city hall
  • Houses in Monte Vista are spacious with little to no clutter
  • Monte Vista supports the features of the latest Sims 3 Seasons expansion
  • Male Sims gain one new outfit and hair style
  • Female Sims gain two new outfits and one hair style
  • New objects range from large paintings and arches to trees and bistro furniture
  • The new woodfire oven adds the ability to make different types of pizzas, calzones, lasagnas, and breads
  • The woodfire oven is exclusive to owners of Monte Vista
The complete broadcast can be found on Origin. The Sims 3 Monte Vista will be available on December 6 in The Sims 3 Store and later in retail stores on January 8.
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