Monster Hunter Tri bringing DLC to the Wii

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom continues to pledge full support to the Nintendo Wii with the newest Monster Hunter game which will launch next week. In a recent announcement, Capcom has confirmed that they will continually support Monster Hunter Tri with additional downloadable quests and content throughout the game's lifetime.

The first Friday of each month, a new Monster Hunter Tri calendar will be posted to Capcom's Unity Blog. which will outline the various activities in the game for the month. Players will see regular DLC additions in the form of Special Event Quests, Gigantic Monster Quests, and Arena Quests. Capcom doesn't seem to be giving up on the Wii any time soon, and neither should you. It looks as though this could be one of the better years in the system's lifespan in terms of “hardcore” (oh how I hate that term) games for those who actually pay attention to it... I don't see Monster Hunter Tri getting taken out of my system any time soon after it launches on April 20, 2010.
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