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The long rumored 3DS port of Monster Hunter Tri is now a reality as Capcom has officially unveiled Monster Hunter Tri G. The game was officially announced yesterday after being leaked with Famitsu’s announcement of the new 3DS slide pad attachment.

The new game is an updated port of the hit Nintendo Wii game. Notice that I said “updated” as many new features are being included in the game, including:
  • a new monster called the “Brakidios”
  • new village called “Tanzia Harbor” (network hub)
  • touch screen control options available
  • new weapon designs
  • revamped camera controls
As Famitsu leaked, it is also expected the the game will make use of Nintendo’s new slide pad attachment for the 3DS, though Capcom has not referenced the accessory. It is believed that they are waiting for Nintendo to officially unveil the device before they speak about it. The game is going to be shown in depth at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan next week.

Although the game has only been announced for Japan, I am crossing my fingers that a Western port of the title is in the pipeline(s). This is the game that could finally make me buy a Nintendo 3DS. Monster Hunter Tri G launches in Japan later this Fall.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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