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 Thanks to the Nintendo Media Summit earlier this week in San Francisco, we got a boat load of news regarding Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii.  Rather than bombard you with numerous news stories covering each aspect of information, here is what you need to know from this week regarding the game:
  • Wii Speak compatability: It has been long rumored and previously announced, but Capcom and Nintendo want to remind us all that voice chat will be supported in the game thanks to the Wii Speak peripheral.
  • Demo inbound:  Gamestop will give players access to a playable demo that will be distributed through the retailer beginning on March 8.  Sorry for those hoping to get a downloadable demo, this one is only scheduled to ship on disc.  The good news is that you do not have to pre-order the game in order to receive the demo, they are supposed to be given out to anyone who goes to the store to get one.  Preordering through Gamestop will have its advantage(s) though as gamers who do so will get $5 off of the game and a free 500 Nintendo Point gift card for use on the Nintendo Shop Channel.
  • No online fees: The North American, and European, version(s) of the game will not require additional fees to play online.  The Japanese version of the game is / has been hampered with this curse since its launch... but we will not have to worry about that.
  • Ironbeard McCullough's Youtube Channel: Everyone's favorite monster hunter, who we met a few months back, has opened his own Youtube channel. The channel is being being updated on a (semi) regular basis with new gameplay movies and trailers, now through the release of the game.  It is worth keeping an eye on if you have interest in the game.
  • Official website is now open:  We pointed out the website back in December, but the "doors" have remained shut since then.../ until now.  The website is now up and running and fully functional for players to explore.  There is a ton of content to explore and see as it contains everything Monster Hunter you could imagine.
  • Monster Hunter Community site open too:  The official site isn't the only site opening its doors this week.  Capcom Unity has opened a community site dedicated to Monster Hunter Tri as well, allowing players to network and socialize with other Monster Hunter Tri fans.
  • Plenty of new media:  This is what one would call a screenshot blow out.  Capcom has released tons of new media showing off the Wii game, which you can view below:

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