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 Capcom is shifting a lot of focus onto its Monster Hunter franchise this year with at least two big entries in the series releasing within the next couple of months.  The company has put a solid date on the MMO version of their series, Monster Hunter Frontier, which will be released in Japan, and likely in North America soon after.  Japanese gamers will get their hands on the game on June 24, 2010.  That isn't the official release date though, that would be July 7, 2010.  Make sense? I didn't think so...
The game will be available at retailers on the June 24 date, but at that time the game and its online service will be classified as being in a beta stage.  During this time, the game will be free to play online.  Once July 7 rolls around though, the beta will end and the game will require a paid subscription in order to play online...  and that is in addition to the Gold membership for Xbox Live which is also required  Anything that you obtain during your beta experience will be carried over to the full version.  Odd? Yes... but it just might work....
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