Monster Hunter Frontier could see a worldwide release

by: Jeremy -
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 An interview with Capcom's Keiji Inafune with Japan's hints at what many North American gamers are hoping for, Monster Hunter Frontier could see a worldwide release.  Inafune was quoted as saying "I feel Monster Hunter can definitely succeed overseas. There's a high possibility that MHF will kickstart that."  The combination of the Japanese Xbox 360 release of Frontier and the pending US release of Monster Hunter Tri could spark a surge in the demand for the series outside of Japan.  While the PlayStation Portable games have been successful worldwide, the series has seen most of its prosperity in the Land of the Rising Sun.  The series definitely has the potential to be a wordlwide hit and we could be witnessing the start of that in these next few months.  In the mean time, take a look at what Japanese 360 gamers will be enjoying in just a couple of months...

Thanks to Andriasang for the screenshots and translation of the Famitsu interview.

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