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Larian Studios and Die Keure have partnered together to release the Monkey Tales Games, an education series of games for children. The current range of games in the series include five math-based titles that are designed for children from age 7 to 12. The games are available internationally with support for the specific curriculum of different countries.

Visit the official website for various release dates and demos of each game in the series.

Monkey Tales Games Blur the Line Between Education and Entertainment

MEDEA-Nominated Educational Series Now Available on PC Internationally

Ghent-Bruges-Los Angeles, November 7th 2011. Monkey Tales Games, the companion game series for the official school program, is now available internationally. Die Keure, Belgium's leading educational publisher, and Larian Studios, one of Europe's finest game developers with over 15 years of experience in creating award-winning games for all ages, created the Monkey Tales Games series in order to help children train their skills both at home and in school using the power of implicit learning.

Monkey Tales Games recognize that each child is different, and automatically detect the best approach to improve a particular child’s skills. The adaptivity of the games helps to quickly engage both weaker and stronger students. All game mechanics employed in Monkey Tales Games are based on proven didactic methods and 4 years of research and development involving teachers, schools and universities.

Presently, there are five math-focused games available that allow children aged 7 to 12 to train their math skills faster and better than with the traditional approaches. Each game is adapted for a specific school year and to the national curriculum of the particular country where Monkey Tales Games are released. The games are available for download directly from, and parents who want to try the series before purchasing will also find a free trial version at the same address.

Research and development on the series is continuing, with Die Keure and Larian planning to expand the range next year. Monkey Tales Games are also the centerpiece in the state-sponsored Games At School initiative, an interdisciplinary research project involving the universities of Ghent and Leuven with the aim of maximizing learning efficiency through games, didactic adaptivity models and targeted user-friendliness. A large-scale survey is being organized to measure the effectiveness of the Monkey Tales Games method, and we are actively looking for more teachers and schools to participate. To join, or for more information in general, please contact the developers at

Die Keure and Larian Studios are also very proud to announce that Monkey Tales Games is nominated as the finalist at this year's prestigious MEDEA awards in the category of "Best Professional Educational Media".

More information about the MEDEA awards can be found at

For almost 50 years, die Keure Educatief has developed educational books for children in nursery schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, and for adults in adult education. die Keure scrutinizes scientific and academic studies and new didactical views to produce educational resources tailored to each student. Their catalogue contains a wide range of methods, reference books, and didactical materials.

Larian Studios is the award-winning independent games developer from Ghent (Belgium). Larian's portfolio includes role-playing games set in the Divinity universe and record-breaking kids interactive communities for European broadcasters including the BBC, VRT, Belgium's public broadcaster, NRK, the Norwegian national broadcast station, and the French commercial broadcaster Lagardere.
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