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The not-so-subtle humor of Monday Night Combat continues with the scouting report for the Assassin.  She's got skills like dodge, cloak and smoke bombs to keep her out of your cross-hairs.  This nice little video shows you what to expect when playing (or hunting) this class.  Monday Night Combat will be released on August 11 for 1200 MS Points as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade.

Monday Night Combat: Assassin Scouting Report Video and Blog Post

A scalpel in a world of chainsaws, the Assassin is why you need to watch your back

Scared of speed, stealth and cunning? Hand to hand combat not dumping your dump truck? Afraid of light bending around your enemies? Hate the confusion of wondering where your prey went? Not appreciative of blades? Like words? Then Assassin is what you need to watch out for! The Monday Night Combat Assassin is the scalpel in a world of chainsaws. She is the answer to those annoying questions. She is the reason Pros wake up in a cold sweat. She's a ghost, an enigma, the whisper of something sinister coming and she's a chick. This season the Assassin is why you need to watch your back.

You want to avoid being another notch on the Assassin's hilt, right? Remember these things:

1. Her blades are deadly, keep her distance. If she's shooting shurikens at you, keep your distance, watch wall bounces and hope for the best.

2. You can't out run her. So kill her fast!

3. Be observant, watch for the warble and listen for the hum of her cloak. If all else fails, get a tank and light her up!

4. If she smoke bombs you, look to the skies. Better yet, take her down before she has a chance to smoke bomb you then laugh hysterically.

Most of all remember that chicks with swords are deadly. Chicks with swords who eat bacon are just plain scary.

Monday Night Combat will be out August 11, 2010 as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade for 1200 MS points
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