Mommy, where do DJ Hero tracks come from?

by: Jeremy -
More On: DJ Hero 2
DJ Hero is an interesting story to me... mainly the progression of the game’s popularity. The original game was released last year to a ton of press, but it never really took off like the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. Now that the game is being discounted everywhere (I have seen the full table and game set for $19.99), it seems to be picking up in popularity and the anticipation for the sequel seems to be growing. I have to admit, I wasn’t interested in the game when it first launched, but after hearing about it from many friends recently, I am now trying to find it for myself.

Anyways, a new video has appeared on the net showing exactly how the development team at FreestyleGames comes up with the mixes used in the game(s). The video, shown below, is an interesting watch especially if you have interest in the game. DJ Hero 2 launches next month, on October 19 for all three consoles... check it out:

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