MojoPlay LCD coming for the Xbox 360

by: Dan -
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MojoPlay recently announced plans to bring a new 9.2" LCD screen to Xbox 360 consoles everywhere. The MP-920XB is designed to integrate with the Xbox 360 and provide the mobility needed for gamers on the go. The unit features built in stereo speakers, 800x400 resolution and dual headphone jacks. The MP-920XB is expected to retail for $169.99.

Full Feature list:

- Seamless Xbox 360 console integration;
- 9.2" LCD Screen
- 800 x 480 resolution
- Brightness/volume controls
- Integrated Stereo Speaker
- Dual headphone jacks
- Light weight and portable
MojoPlay Announces 2007 Line of Gaming LCD Displays

MojoPlay has begun shipping its first new gaming display for Microsoft's Xbox 360, the MP-920XB. One of three new displays from MojoPlay for 2007, the new 9.2" MP-920XB features a sleek mounting system that seamlessly integrates onto the Xbox 360 without affecting the cooling vents on the top of the console. Featuring 800 x 480 resolution and built-in stereo speakers, it can do justice to even the heartiest single person shooter games. The mounted display travels easily to a friend's or relative's house to keep the kids (and adults) entertained during the holidays while freeing up the TV in the living room for the big game. The dual headphone jacks provide a nice quiet alternative to the built-in stereo speakers.
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