Modern Combat looks to Dominate next week

by: Jeremy -
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Gameloft’s mobile phone FPS Modern Combat will be making the jump to the big screen next week with Modern Combat: Domination for the PlayStation 3. The title will be released on January 18, 2011 for $7.99 through the PlayStation Network.

The title is a competative FPS with full PlayStation Move support. There are a lot of people comparing it to Modern Warfare (1 and 2) and rightfully so as the mobile version(s) of the game are based heavily on the mechanics of both of those entries in the Call of Duty series. I alsways enjoyed the game on my iPod Touch and think that the PS3 version looks pretty sharp. Let’s just see how it plays when we get our hands on it next week.

Gameloft has released a launch trailer for the game which you can find below thanks to Evil Avatar.

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