ModNation getting updated again

by: Jeremy -
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Oops! The update that was supposed to answer all of our concerns with ModNation Racers from last week appeared to have caused even more issues. While a majority of gamers were pleased with the fixes that came in the 1.02 patch from UFG, there was still a large amount of gamers who complained of not only the existing problems, but new ones as well. The most well documented “new” issue was one which kept players from being able to load XP races. Don’t worry, another patch is on its way and will hit sometime this morning.

ModNation Racers will see Title Update 1.03 this morning as a part of the game’s weekly, routine maintenance. This should fix the XP race issue that came from last week’s update. As far as the load times go, they are currently about as good as they are going to get. According to Scott Nielson, one of the producers at UFG, MNR runs a little bit differently than most other racing games. Because the game relies on so much user-created material, everything has to be constructed when a race launches. Many of the levels and characters that you interact with are not “complete” builds that exist on the disc; rather, they are all constructed from a wide variety of parts and the game literally “builds” them on the fly. In personal experience, last week’s 1.02 update worked wonders for the load times on my game, easily reducing the average one in half, if not more.

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