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ModNation Racers gets more special racers...

by: Jeremy -
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...and they include Sackboy! Sony has lifted the veil on the advertised bonus mods that will be included with ModNation Racers preorders at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and GameCrazy. It was already announced that Ratchet, Clank, Nathan Drake, and Kratos would be joining the race depending on the location of your purchase / preorder... but it was also stated that you would get one of four special mod packs as well.

Those special packs consist of the following:

Mouse Trap pack contains:
   Racer- Mouse Trap
   Mod accessories- feline ears, cat eyes, claws
   Kart accessories- cheese wheel, cat toy ornaments

Lil Tinker pack contains:
   Racer- Lil Stinker
   Mod accessories- X-ray glasses, pot helmet
   Kart accessories- nail ornament, trash steering wheel

Cowboy pack contains:
   Racer- Cowboy
   Mod accessories- cowboy hat, straw, chaps
   Kart accessories- saddle seat, rope steering wheel

Woody pack contains:
   Racer- Woody
   Mod accessories- gold hat, gopher nose, Argyle sweater vest
   Kart accessories- golf kart seat

As for Sackboy, he will be available to almost everyone. All that you have to do is look for specially marked packages which will contain a sticker noting that the download code for Sackboy is included. You can see the sticker, as well as a couple of new shots of all of these new racers below: