ModNation Racers continues to impress

by: Jeremy -
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 Sony just might be onto something with this "Play, Create, Share" thing. Little Big Planet was a smash hit and ModNation Racers is shaping up to look extremely impressive. Coming to both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable this Spring, ModNation Racers takes the kart racing genre to an all new level. The game focuses on user-generated content in order to add an unmatched longevity to the game.

Players will have the ability to edit and customize both the individual players and the courses within the game. The racer customization consists of simply choosing various avatar accessories and colors while the course customization includes an extremely robust track editor which allows you to construct every aspect of the course from the ground up. Custom content, once created and saved, can be shared with other player in the community online. The new trailer for the game just looks like a blast and this game could easily be one fo the sleeper hits of the year:

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