Mittro City coming to Drift City and bringing new quests, items, and functions

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GamesCampus is taking over for ijji as publisher of Drift City, and overseeing the addition of some new content. Mittro City is being added to the game as a new city, including new quests and items, and some new functions. It doesn't say what the new functions are, but I'm sure theyre... functional?


New City: Mittro City Offers New Quests, New Items, New Functions And A
Deeper Storyline

Sunnyvale, Calif. (October 21, 2010) - Leading online game publisher, (, today released new screens for
Mittro City in its popular driving MMORPG Drift City. For more info
about the game, visit

Drift City is the unique driving game that is part role-playing game
and part racing game.  It offers both mission modes and multi-player
racing modes incorporated with cell-shaded style graphics for a unique
racing experience.  Players can choose their vehicles, modify and
customize the
design, and upgrade the performance of their vehicles.  Once the game
is available on, transferred players will be able to
play on GamesCampus servers with all the newest unreleased updates.
The latest updates include new maps, quests, new battle modes and
brand new systems!

About Drift City
The storyline for Drift City takes place in the near future, where the
world's infrastructure has been hampered due to global shortages of
oil. The focus of the world has turned to the remote archipelago in
the Pacific at Mittron Island where an amazing natural resource, aptly
named Mittron has been discovered. Due to an influx of vehicles called
HUVs that have
invaded the island to terrorize and disrupt the city and economy, the
governing body of the island, the OMD, has called in elite drivers
from around the world to restore order. Players can play in Mission
Mode and complete objectives assigned by the OMD. Missions vary in
their objectives and stipulations with some requiring speed while
other missions emphasizing safety. Delivery Service Missions are
ongoing and a battle against the clock. In the Battle Zone players can
take on other drivers in individual or team races and players can join
up with friends or create their own Crew and race against other crews.
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