Mists of Pandaria to be the next expansion for World of Warcraft

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Blizzard revealed the next expansion to their ever popular World of Warcraft yesterday with the announcement for Mists of Pandaria. This new expansion pack will take you to the long-lost continent of Pandaria, which I guess players have been asking for for a while to see, but I don't know since I am not a WoW player.

In any case, you're going to get a new cap of level 90 so I await the announcement of someone hitting that the first day after the expansion launches. Also, you'll be able to play a new race in the Pandaren, which as the name sounds is a native of Pandaria.  Here's your first look at the race.

No, I am not kidding. It's a bunch of kung fu pandas. Really. Once you check out the trailer below, you'll see.  Did Blizzard run out of creative ideas? Oh well. Yes, I know they were in Warcraft 3, and I wasn't too fond of them then either.

Along with the pandas... err I mean Pandaren, a new Monk class is available for you to use. Not surprised about this one given with what you see above.

A new pet battle system is being introduced, but don't go all Michael Vick OK?

After seeing the trailer and such, I wonder how the fans of the game are going to react. I, mean you're introducing these kung fu pandas into your realm of sword and sorcery. I'm really surprised at the decision in making this, but if it sells gangbusters, what are we going to see next in WoW? Ninja bears? Puppy pirates?



Fourth expansion to Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game reintroduces the mysterious pandaren race to Azeroth

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- October 21, 2011 -- Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced plans for the fourth expansion toWorld of Warcraft®, its award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Unveiled to a sold-out crowd at the company’s BlizzCon® gaming festival, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria™ lifts the fog of mystery surrounding a long-lost continent that has been newly rediscovered following the events of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm™. The new expansion reintroduces the elusive pandaren, originally seen in Blizzard’s real-time strategy game Warcraft® III, as a playable race and adds a brand-new player class: the martial-arts-focused Monk. While exploring the mysteries of an exotic new land and advancing to the new level cap of 90, players will experience a range of new content and game features, including new quests and dungeons, group scenarios and “challenge” modes, pet battles, and more.

“Players have been asking to see the pandaren in World of Warcraft since the game’s launch, and we’re excited to finally be able to give them a proper re-introduction to Azeroth,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “In addition to the new playable race and class, Mists of Pandaria contains a huge amount of new content, and we’re looking forward to sharing more information about all of it at BlizzCon and beyond.”

In the upcoming expansion, players will be able to explore the long-lost continent of Pandaria, which has remained hidden from the world since the sundering of Azeroth over ten thousand years ago. In the aftermath of the Cataclysm played out in World of Warcraft’s third expansion, Pandaria’s heroes are emerging from their land’s lush forests and cloud-ringed mountains to choose sides in the escalating war between the Alliance and the Horde and to share the extraordinary secrets of their ancient martial arts. As tensions between the factions near a breaking point following the discovery of this new world, players will be called upon to explore Pandaria’s exotic expanses, make contact with its strange indigenous creatures, and unlock the world-changing secrets that have been hiding in the mists for millennia.

New features coming in the game’s fourth expansioninclude:

New Playable Race -- Pandaren: Adventure through Azeroth as World of Warcraft's first neutral race and decide whether to side with the Alliance or the Horde.
New Playable Class -- Monk: Unlock the secrets of pandaren martial arts and do battle as a damage dealer, healer, or tank.
Level Cap Increased to 90:Learn potent new spells and abilities while exploring uncharted zones and taking on challenging new content.
New Zones:Explore the lush Jade Forest, treacherous Kun-Lai Summit, and other exotic areas of Pandaria designed for high-level characters, and uncover the mystery of the Wandering Isle.
Scenarios: Join up with some friends to achieve a common goal, such as mounting a defense against invading monsters, in a flexible new type of PvE challenge.
Dungeon “Challenge” Modes: Master the ultimate five-player time trial to earn prestige rewards in a new dungeon mode that will put your resolve and coordination to the test.
Pet Battles: Challenge other players’ companion pets with your own collection in a new tactical mini-game, and find out who's king or queen of the pint-sized battlefield.
New Talent System: Customize your character to suit your play style with the newly overhauled and improved talent system.

Launched in November 2004, World of Warcraft is the world’s most popular MMORPG. The game’s third expansion, Cataclysm, sold more than 3.3 million copies within its first 24 hours of availability, making it the fastest-selling PC game of all time, and went on to sell more than 4.7 million copies in its first month.*World of Warcraft is available in nine different languages -- with a tenth, Brazilian Portuguese, slated for release this year -- and is played in North America, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, mainland China, Korea, Southeast Asia, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
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