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Mini review - Mega Man: Issue #1

by: Russell -
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I'm not big into comic books, but I'm huge into the classic Mega Man games, so when I found out that Archie Comics was going to put out a Mega Man comic series I decided to sign up for my first ever comic book subscription, and since this is a video game website I figured I'd post my opinions about it.  After all, I've put up a couple news posts about comic books that tie into video games, so why not?

The comic series, at least for now, follows the first game.  Actually, the first issue is pretty much a precursor to the first game, explaining how Rock became Mega Man.  The book starts out with Mega Man fighting off some Big Eyes while making his way towards Dr. Wily's Skull Castle (okay, I know that in the original Mega Man it didn't have a name, but to me it's Skull Castle).  As he begins to fight the Yellow Devil he reflects back on how and why it came to this.  The flashback takes place a few days prior at the unveiling of six new robots created by Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily.  These robots, known as the Robot Masters, were built for the betterment of mankind.  Dr. Wily however, jealous of the attention that Dr. Light is receiving for the robot masters, decides to reprogram the six robots and set them on a city-wide rampage as he announces his quest for world domination.  Seeing as there's no other choice, Rock volunteers to go after the robots and try to stop them.  Dr. Light approves and begins to redesign Rock as a fighting robot, giving him a Mega Buster and a copy chip, the latter of which will allow him to adapt to the robot masters.  Issue #1 ends with Rock ready to go after the robot masters as Mega Man.

Overall, the first issue provides a nice back story to the series.  The artwork is practically spot on, including the main characters (both doctors, Rock, Roll, and even the Big Eyes look good) and the story, while a bit more in detail than the game itself with a press conference to unveil the new robot masters, is accurate to the game (Light and Wily create the robot masters, Wily reprograms them, blah blah blah).  My only issue?  I have to wait another month for the next issue.  I think Archie Comics did a great job with this and I can't wait until next month.