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For the younger gamers that want to jam with their big siblings and parents, TAC is releasing a smaller verion of the iconic Guitar Hero controller.  Dubbed the Shredder, this new controller has a smaller, lighter frame and more manageable buttons for the pre-adolescent crowd.  With the lawsuits flying back and forth between TAC and Red Octane, it's anybody's guess how the peripheral war will pan out, but hopefully we'll see this new controller on shelves before too long.
Transform even the youngest of PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system gamers into the ultimate rocker with The Ant Commandos' Shredder Guitar Controller this holiday season.

The Shredder Guitar Controller, from the Guitar Mania Line, is the first of its kind made just for children.

We got an overwhelming response from consumers asking TAC to make a guitar just for kids and that's how we created the Shredder Guitar. Unlike other guitar controllers, the Shredder has a smaller frame and lighter weight to help kids reach their rock star potential,” stated Lip Yow, President of The Ant Commandos.

The Shredder Guitar Controller's newly redesigned body allows children of all sizes to strum to the beats of their favorite rock star tunes. TAC's design team also equipped the Shredder Guitar Controller with an easier to use whammy bar and shorter neck for effortless access.

Young rockers don't have to sacrifice style just because of size. The Shredder Guitar Controller sports a sleek black and silver body with a designer neck and fret buttons. It also features an easy to use 'shake' mode rather than a 'tilt' mode, functional with all guitar-based games including RedOctane's Guitar Hero™.

TAC's Guitar Mania Line offers controllers and accessories for all rockers, or mix them up to create your own virtual band. The newly released and stylish Freedom V Wireless Guitar Controller is the first of its kind allowing players to rock out from up to 100 feet away from the gaming console. Plug in with the same V frame style and jam with the Rocking V Wired Guitar Controller.

All TAC guitar controllers and accessories are available for the 2006 Holiday Season. For more information log onto the Guitar Mania Website at

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