Mindjack's Nerkas Solutions reveals six new products

by: Tina -
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Everyone is familiar with the company that is synonymous with innovative technology: Nerkas Solutions. Today, the company has announced six exciting new products including the Mind Wave technology that allows you to control electronic devices with your mind.

Now, this sounds like a lead up to some dangerous territory. We wouldn’t want to get our minds jacked or anything, because then we’d have a Mindjack and that doesn’t sound very pleasant.

All banter aside, I love marketing solutions like this. Square Enix’s Mindjack has a tailored site for the large corporation in the game - Nerkas Solutions - to promote more information behind the company and products. Some of them don’t sound too terribly intrusive either, like the nanodent toothpaste for instance. I’d be down with automated and thorough teeth cleaning such as this.

Take a look at the products site for the rest of the newly announced products.
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