Mind = Blown

by: Jeff -
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High School Jeff would have been all about Mind Zero. While in the throes of puberty I watched more than my fair share of Toonami and devoured RPGs like Legend of Legaia and Final Fantasy VI like they were bottles of Mountain Dew. Mind Zero is about a group of high school students (as most animes are) that are bound to sentient weapons called MINDsSince they are on the lam, each character will have to learn to control their MIND to unleash brutal attacks to defend themselves from the government and other secret forces. Mind Zero will feature a lot of dungeon crawling and combat to help you level up your MINDs to unlock their unique abilities and discover their dark secrets.

Mind Zero will be available in North America for the Vita on May 27, 2014 for $39.99 digitally and through retail. It will be available in Europe on May 28th only as a digital download. For more information on Mind Zero, check out their website or the trailer below.

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