Mike Tyson gets back in the ring in WWE '13

by: Nathan -
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Mike Tyson is getting back into the ring again, but he's not getting in a boxing ring, he's getting back into the squared circle. Announced today "the baddest man on the planet" Mike Tyson will be a playable character in WWE 13 to those who pre-order the game from any major retailer. 

Mike Tyson was a big part of WWF's "Attitude Era" which is the theme for this years game and played a huge part in Stone Cold Steve Austins rise to the WWF Title. Now if his finisher is biting off his opponents ear... then SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! 

I also cant wait for someone to create a Punch Out style arena so we can relive all our favorite Punch Out memories. 

WWE 13 comes out this fall. 

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