Mighty No. 9 goes portable, two new stretch goals added

by: Russell -
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Yeah, there's been a bit of Mighty No. 9 recently, but that's because they keep adding things in the final hours.  This time around they've added two more stretch goals...in the last day.  I guess they're hoping for that one final push as we near the final hours.  Anyway, the two new goals are an optional in-game retro-style chiptune soundtrack and FX at $3.8 million and an online battle race mode at $4 million.  The former will be an in-game option you can turn on and off while the latter will let two players race each other through a level in the game.  You'll see the "ghost" of your rival but you can't touch them...but you can hinder their run by defeating enemies and sending them to your opponent's side.

Also, the next stretch goal has been reached, meaning Beck and Call are going portable.  Granted the main Kickstarter page doesn't reflect this as I forgot that in determining what stretch goals are hit they also include Paypal donations, and those aren't reflected right away on the Kickstarter page.  However, it is official that Mighty No. 9 will be hitting the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.  More info can be found in the latest update for the Kickstarter.
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