Might & Magic X: Legacy now available on Steam

by: Russell -
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Several months ago I attended GenCon in Indianapolis and got to check out three new games in the Might & Magic series, two of those weren't even released yet.  Well that's changed a bit as one of those two has now been released.  Today marks the release of Might & Magic X: Legacy on Steam.  The standard edition is $24.99 while the deluxe edition is $29.99 and comes with a copy of Might & Magic 6, an exclusive dungeon once it becomes available (Dream Shard), the first DLC free once available (The Falcon and The Unicorn), and a digital soundtrack.

I enjoyed my time with Might & Magic X: Legacy at GenCon...boss fight not withstanding...and would recommend it to anyone familiar with the Might & Magic series.  If you do plan to pick it up, you might as well spend the extra $5 and get the deluxe version to get the freebies that go with it.

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