Midway and Epic release new content for Unreal Championship 2

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Once again Epic has released a host of new, free content for a game after release as Midway sends word that you can download four new maps and ten new characters (and combos) over Xbox Live. From the tone of the message this sounds like this won't be the last release of free stuff from the owners of the game. Nice to see Epic continuing to spoil their gamers with quality freebies.
August 15, 2005 – Midway & Epic Games announced today that new downloadable content for Unreal Championship 2 is available now for download via Xbox Live.

Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Championship 2 has been updated to take full advantage of Microsoft’s high-powered Xbox technology and has once again established itself as the new standard for immersive single- and multiplayer FPS action.

Unreal Championship 2 brings an entirely new level of intensity to the series as gamers are blessed with superhuman agilities that prepare them for battle against deadly characters or readies them for vicious hand-to-hand melee combat. Taking the battle online and around the world, Unreal Championship 2 pits players against each other in an eight-person Xbox Live multiplayer-challenge where only the strong survive. Built from the ground up for the Xbox, Unreal Championship 2 features new gameplay elements, including a deep melee combat system that seamlessly blends in with the ranged weapon combat the series is known for, the option of first or third-person point of views, a full story-driven single-player mode, dozens of all new maps, new game modes and an arsenal of new weaponry. Additional information can be obtained through the Unreal Championship 2 web site at www.unrealchampionship2.com

**This round of new content consists of brand new maps & characters such as**

4 NEW Maps:

* Capture the Flag: Monoxide
* Death Match: Sever
* Death Match: EvilHands
* OD: Ascension

10 NEW Characters (+ Combos):

* Apophis
* Calypso
* Garek
* Jackhammer
* Judas
* Kraag
* Lilith
* Merc Anubis
* Necris Selket
* Syzygy
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