Midnight City to release Blood of the Werewolf and Avalanche 2

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Midnight City has announced the next two indie games on deck to be released. Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche will be released on Steam late in the first quarter of 2014, followed by an updated Blood of the Werewolf hitting Xbox Live and the Playstation Network sometime in the second quarter of the year. If you can't wait that long for news, you can check out the Scientifically Proven's livestream on January 31st to meet the team and get a special preview of the game.

Avalanche 2 is based on the popular flash platformer Avalanche, but with a ton of new features added. You play as a bouncy marshmallow that scales the side of a mountain in order to avoid a rising tide of lava, while avoiding falling enemies, collecting falling powerups and coins, entering falling shops to buy powerups with the aforementioned falling coins, and collect powerups to keep yourself from dying as long as possible. Avalanche 2 will also include a co-op and versus mode.

Initially released on Steam last Halloween, Blood of the Werewolf tells the tales of Selena, a loving mother and wife whose child has been kidnapped and husband has been brutally murdered by Victor Frankenstein. Luckily, she also happens to be a bloodthirsty werewolf. Selena has to platorm, transform and murder her way through ten levels and five bosses that include The Creature, Jekyll &Hyde, The Mummy, Dracula, and Frankenstein's Monster. A new addition to the console version is the 'Endless Challenge' that puts you a procedurally generated gauntlet that gets increasingly difficult the longer you play. After the console release, an update will be added to the Steam version of the game that includes the new Endless Challenge.

For more information, check out the websites for Midnight City, Avalanche 2, Beast Games, Blood of the Werewolf, and Scientifically Proven, as well as the Twitter accounts for Midnight City, Blood of the Werewolf and Beast Games

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