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 Starting October 8th, Dungeon Fighter Online players will be able to purchase items with Nexon Cash. You can find the Item Shop in-game on Hendon Myre Lane, where you can purchase a variety of premium goods to beef up your playing experience. Tasty tidbits for sale include (but are definitely not limited to) health and stat potions and safe upgrades (increased storage capacity and no weight limit).

You can also score Life Tokens at the Item Shop--which, if you're anything like me, will come in handy. When you fall in battle, bring your character back to life with a Life Token. Taking a cue from the 360, you'll also be able to score Avatar items. 

Plus, anything you buy during the open beta will still be yours when the game officially launches.
 Nexon America Opens Cash Shop In Dungeon Fighter Online


Gamers will get a chance to purchase items with Nexon Cash on October 8


Nexon America will begin offering a chance for gamers to enhance their experience playing Dungeon Fighter Online on October 8 when it opens an Item Shop. Players can now use Nexon Cash to purchase an assortment of premium wares to enhance the dungeon fighting experience. The Item Shop, found in-game on Hendon Myre Lane, will include potions to boost your health and stats, safe upgrades with increased storage capacity and no weight limit.


Players will also get a chance to purchase Life Tokens, which bring players back to life when you fall in a dungeon battle. Players will also have a chance to purchase the highly-anticipated Avatar items. Anything purchased from the new Item Shop during the open beta will remain with players after the game is officially launched, so players can feel free to enjoy the advantages the DFO Item Shop offers.


Go to http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net for information.

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