Microsoft wants you to unleash your avatar on the world

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft has unveiled a new partnership with both Fathead Wall Graphics and FigurePrints that will bring your avatar out of your Xbox and into your life. Now, you can order both wall decals and miniature figurines modeled off of your Xbox avatar.

With the Fathead partnership, Xbox users can order large wall decals in four different sizes. The sizes range from 2x3 ft to 4x6.5 ft. When ordering a print, you get to select from one of ten different poses for your digital persona per decal ordered. The order forms are now available over at Fathead’s website as we speak. If wall clings aren’t exactly your thing, FigurePrints will turn your Avatar into an actual 3D figurine. Just like the decals, interested gamers can choose from a variety of poses through the company’s website and FigurePrints will craft an exact replica using their next generation fabrication techniques.

This is something that I could see diehard and / or professional gamers jumping on without hesitation. I won’t lie, while I wouldn’t go for the decals, the idea of having a figure / replica avatar of myself sitting on my desk really tempts me...

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