Microsoft unveils new touched based computing

by: Chuck -
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Microsoft just released the details on their new touched based computing program and while it's not game related (yet), I thought it was pretty kick ass.  Check out this vid from popular mechanics on it and if you want more information check out this video at On10.
At $10K per unit we won't see any of these in homes for quite some time but the potential for gaming is pretty killer.  While I don't see this being a boon to FPS games I think it could be  pretty kick ass for RTS, MMO's, and most strategy games (playing Gal Civ II with touch controls could be amazing).  Like the Wii remote I think this has the potential to be revolutionary in how we approach games.  Of course that would requirer Microsoft to execute on it which is asking a lot.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the info
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