Microsoft releases software patch to fix those mouse stuttering issues in Windows 8.1, well kind of

by: John -
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Windows 8.1 is on my primary gaming machine. All other work I do is still in Windows 7. So, when something changes in 8.1 that affects gaming, yeah it's not fun.

Many people are saying they are experiencing mouse stutters and freezing in games. It's pretty frustrating and I've had it happen to me once in a while. I'll be getting a bead on an enemy in Battlefield 4 and then my mouse would just go bonkers. Is it the drivers? Is it the game? Turns it out's Windows 8.1

It seems Microsoft, for some reason, changed the way the OS handles the mouse input process. Microsoft has issued a patch, but it's only for certain games. They said that if you want it fixed in a game not in the patch, you'll have to do a registry edit described in the link yourself or wait for the developer to issue a patch to do it.

Seriously, Microsoft? You're making the consumer or developer fix a problem that you caused? Awesome! I'm hopeful Microsoft can find a way to globally fix this issue rather than pass the buck onto the developers and public. 

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