Microsoft learns from Sony's mistakes, treats hacker with kid gloves.

by: Nathaniel -
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I saw an interesting article on Joystiq and their source, Irish newsite

A 14 year old boy from Tallaght (I guess that's in Ireland) apparently triggered millions of computer users to receive an alert stating Modern Warfare 2 had been hacked.  However, it seems that no sensitive data was compromised.  In fact the young hacker's motives haven't been revealed.  What has been revealed, however, is Microsoft's response:  instead of a lawsuit similar to what Sony hit George Hotz with this year, Microsoft has chosen to work with the teen and literally develop his powers for good.

Microsoft should be applauded for this move.  Not only is it a public relations mega-win, but it reduces the chances of a PSN-style retaliatory hacker attack on Xbox Live to as close to zero as it could ever get.
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