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Microsoft announced Dream Build Play 2010 winners

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft has announced the winners of its annual Dream Build Play competition. The contest, which focuses on independent games created using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio, is open to aspiring game-makers worldwide. Microsoft notes that there were over 350 games from 110 different companies... making it truly a worldwide contest.

The contest is held annually and offers prizes totaling $75,000 and a chance for a publication contract for Xbox Live Arcade. This year’s winners were as follows:

4th place: Beat Hazard by Norman and Steve Hunt (wins $5,000)
3rd place: Prismatic Solid by Yoichi Hayashi (wins $10,000)
2nd place: A.R.E.S. by Nenin Ananbanchachai (wins $20,000)
1st place: Lumi by Nicolas Daures (wins $40,000)

While all of the games look great, I am really intrigued by the first and second place winners. Both games looks extraordinarily solid and would definitely make great additions to my game library. Congratulations to all of the winners. You can check out a preview video of the grand prize winner Lumi, a 2D action / puzzle game, below:

Source: Destructoid