MicroBot screenshots take you in the lungs and the brain

by: Tina -
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Action arcade shooter, MicroBot, got new screenshots released today from EA. As the game takes place within a human body, the screenshots reveal two new areas: the lungs and the brain. The game continues to look like it will feel like Spore, but with the unique challenges of having to navigate through different areas of the human body.

The game will release on December 29th for Xbox Live Arcade and January 4th for the PSN.

Today Electronic Arts revealed new screenshots for MicroBot, the upcoming action arcade shooter that takes players inside the world of the human body. MicroBot provides players the unique challenge of controlling a microscopic robot—a MicroBot—on a mission to destroy a bio-technological infestation as they battle their way through the body. The newest screenshots show off two new areas of the body for prospective MicroBot pilots to clean up – the lungs and the brain. Each area comes with its own distinctive environments and challenges, and it will be up to gamers to prove that whether it’s blood, bone, lungs or brain – there’s no area of the human body that can’t be navigated!

Gamers can look forward to controlling and customizing their very own MicroBot on 12/29 for Xbox Live Arcade and 1/4 for PlayStation Network in North America.
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